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In less than 2 years at DHS-TSA, FMS’ validation of property records led to more than $138 million in acquisition costs being applied to properties and identification of more than 73,000 PP&E assets valued at $2.3 billion which were previously un-identified.


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Asset Management

Asset ManagementAsset management is becoming more important for the federal government to present a better image to the American public and increase capacity for carrying out respective agency missions. FMS is a recognized leader in performing financial and program analysis to meet the needs of agency missions, enabling agencies to ensure fiscal stewardship by viewing these assets from a collective portfolio rather than an individual basis.

  • Portfolio analytics and reporting
  • Financial accounting of all records for asset portfolios
  • Review and analysis of asset transactions (including those undertaken by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
  • Analysis of securitized assets (e.g. mortgage-backed securities)
  • Management and operational reporting
  • Real and personal property management (for federal, state, and local governments)

FMS's integrated approach to asset management helps provide DHS-ICE with accurate real property data for its consolidated financial statements.