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Department of Homeland Security Department-Wide Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) for: Assessment of Internal Controls Support Services (BPA #HSHQDC-13-A-00010)

This BPA encompasses internal control support for DHS Headquarters and its components, offices, directorates, and agencies for recurring requirements in the Task Order Request for Quotation (TORQ). FMS provides its technical expertise in accounting, financial, and management for documenting, testing, designing, operating, evaluating, and remediating complex financial transactions and processes in compliance with applicable rules, standards, and regulations.

Under this BPA, FMS provides Financial & Performance Audits, Complementary Audit Services, Accounting, Budgeting, Complementary Financial Management Services, and Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services. All orders placed against this BPA are subject to the terms and conditions of Schedule 520 for Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) as well as to the terms and conditions of the BPA.

Special Item Numbers (SIN)

  • 520 7 Financial & Performance Audits
  • 520 8 Complementary Audit Services
  • 520 11 Accounting
  • 520 12 Budgetary
  • 520 13 Complementary Financial Management Services
  • 520 17 Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services