Federal Management Systems, Inc. | Security Management
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Security Management

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> Security Management


FMS provides an array of security, investigative, intelligence analysis, records management, and administrative services to the U.S. Embassies and several other public and private sector interests in the U.S., Guyana, Bahamas, and Curacao. In the post-9/11 environment, government and private organizations alike require increasingly sophisticated and effective security services to counter both internal and external threats to personnel, facilities, products, and services.


FMS has established a solid reputation for rapid contract start-up and transition from an outgoing security provider to a new, effective security force. A seasoned and decorated group of Trainers and Security Specialists from the U.S. enrich the FMS security training programs at our diplomatic contract sites. At FMS, we strongly believe that effective security service can be delivered only in an atmosphere of training, observation, and retraining. FMS security personnel undergo training prior to assignment to any post. For all of our security employees, mandatory training continues throughout their career with FMS.


FMS presently provides a wide scope of security services to our many U.S. and international customers, including:

Featured Services

  • Surveillance Detection Operations
  • Operation and Monitoring of CCTV Systems
  • Operation of Guard Electronic Monitoring Systems
  • Vehicle Mobile Patrols & Cash Escorts
  • Threat Assessments & Security Counter-Measures

  • Weapons Training & Armed Response Unit Training
  • Physical Security – Entry Control, Perimeter Patrol, Vehicular Control, Inspection and Surveillance, Communications Network, Operations Detectors, Incidence and Investigation.

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